Jolla Sailfish OS Live Demo


Here is a video where the Sailfish OS is demoed on what looks like a Nokia N950. It looks very smooth and it seems like they took some ideas from the Nokia N9, which I think is very good! Watch the video and comment what you think.

Here is the source of the video:—katso-video

Watch The Jolla Mobile Slush 2012 Event Here!


Tomorrow is the day it happens! Jolla will announce their Sailfish OS and maybe more. I will update this page with the live stream as soon as it is available.

So get the bag of candy ready and stay tuned!

Here is the live streams!

Main Stage (Jolla on at 11:15am (21st Nov) for keynote)

Event Stage

SLUSH Event: Official Jolla Schedule


November 21st is the day we all have been waiting for! Jolla will have a keynote speech and launch their Sailfish OS on the Slush event. We now have the schedule so you know when everything is happening!

November 21st:

09:00 – Jolla will participate in the Slush media event (Q&A’s)  (GMT: 07:00)

11:15Jolla Keynote Speech (GMT: 09:15)

17:00-18:00Sailfish UI demo presentation (GMT: 15:00-16:00)

November 22nd:

10:00-11:00SDK demo presentation (GMT: 08:00-09:00)

Please note that all bold times quoted are in local Finnish time.

The event will also be available to be viewed via a live stream. We will post a link when it is avaliable.

A Short Description of Jolla Sailfish Strategy


The guys over at Jolla Tides have explained the Jolla Sailfish strategy in a simple and good way. Here is a quote from their article:

PHASE 1:  Finish developing their own Sailfish Operating System (SOS) for Smartphones and show it off to the world on 21/22 November at the SLUSH event in Helsinki, Finland.

PHASE 2: Develop their own Jolla branded smartphone as a starting point for the Sailfish OS and sell it with both new developers/developer community and regular customers in mind.

PHASE 3: From the success of the SLUSH event and more evidence showing off their own smartphone running Sailfish, Jolla will attract other mobile handset manufacturers to license the Sailfish OS (in Q1 2013) and incorporate the Sailfish OS into their own branded mobile phones (e.g. Nokia, Sony etc).  This is the ongoing software service side of Jolla’s business.

ONGOING: Provide software support and updates for the Sailfish OS to all smartphones running the Sailfish OS.  Run and maintain their own Sailfish app store for further revenue stream and for developers/developer community to benefit.  Continue to release Jolla branded flagship models e.g. annually.

Head over to and read the full article. Click here.