How to get MD5 checksum on a file in Windows without installing programs


Sometimes you need to check the MD5 checksum on some files. And finding a good tool can take some time. You don’t want to install some shady utility found on a website somewhere on the internet. But it’s very easy! And already built in to Windows!

There is a built in tool in all versions of Windows that can be used to check MD5 of a file. The tool is called CertUtil. It can be used for many things, especially stuff connected to certificates. You can read more about the tool here.

How to use CertUtil

I will just explain the MD5 Checksum part of it here.

You start with opening a command prompt (click start and search for cmd). Then browse to the directory where the file you want to check is stored.

Run this command: CertUtil -hashfile Application.exe MD5

Replace Application.exe with the filename you want to check.

Example of the CertUtil command

And that is all you need! Quick and easy without installing anything on your system.