iPhone 7 Release Date, Features, Specs and Price


The new iPhone 7 release date have been leaked to the internet and it is expected that the new sophisticated device could arrive in fall of the year 2016. There are different versions of rumors which claim it will be iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, some claim it will be only iPhone 7. But many believe that the new device will come in two version, just as like predecessor, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Read more after the break.

The Specifications

Speaking about the specs, the size is predicted to be slightly larger than iPhone 6 and will have tons of improvements. iOS 10 will be respectively integrated into the new device since the last release indicates that the new system will accompany new devices of Apple. At a glance, iPhone 7 is such a desirable phone with new interesting features, more improved SIRI, faster processor and improved camera.

Many are wondering when the next iPhone comes out. There is no exact pattern of the releasing dates of new devices so that it is a bit tough to predict. The fact that its predecessors were released at completely different time, we just need to look at the cycle the Apple used for releasing iPhone 6 and below. So we can anticipate new iPhone release in September 2016.

iPhone 7 is expected to be launched with the latest iOS, the iOS 10. Speaking about the screen size, iPhone 6 has the size 4.7 and 5.5. So we can expect that the new iPhone will perhaps feature 5.8 screen size with OLED display. As mentioned, the improved camera will be 13 MP of rear, and 8 MP of front camera.

The last rumor initiated the idea of Sapphire Glass which will be used rather than usual Corning’s Gorilla glass. The other thing is the button-less design which may satisfy many users who want to ditch the traditional design of button. The home button as seen on iPhone 7’s predecessors can be completely removed for the sake of bigger screen size.

Wireless charging is the next mentioned improvement. It will allow the users to walk around without unplugging the cable while charging. To get the maximum durability and safety, water and dust resistance are rumored to be the new features to guarantee the device’s longevity.

The Price

Last but not least, the price that users need to pay ranges of $800 – $900 USD depending on the size of the GB memory. It is still speculated about when the new iPhone is coming out. But the closest claim shown that the release is expected to be on September 2016.