The iPhone 7 Features, Specs, Price, Rumors


The new iPhone 7 release date is getting closer. Most diehard fans of Apple know that it will be out in the market in the fall of 2016. Insider’s leakage information has been out for a while. There have been iphone 7 rumors revolving in the net society. Of course the information can be different from one rumor to another. Only a few can confirm the authenticity of the information, but we will give you the closest information that we’ve got. Read more after the break!

The most awaited aspect is the iphone 7 features. So what are the new features?

Of course, beside the screen size, there are others that need to be considered. The first glimpse is the smart connector feature. Based on the Mac Otakara leakage, both iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will feature smart connector.

The leakage of iphone 7 specs suggested that it may come with the smart keyboard for iPhone 7. However, there was an assumption that it was not pretty convincing. The thing is that iPhone 6s is only 4.7 in and it is not a surprise that iPhone 7 will come with similar size. This size is too small to be well-equipped with the keyboard attachment. Well, most of people will rather use the original keypad rather than bothering themselves to add a keyboard. But once again, our source said that the it was very possible. The leaked images represent the real thing.

The next feature is wireless charger. If you have heard about the Logi Base, the new tech released by Logitech to facilitate iPad Pro smart connector for charging abilities, then it may happen to iPhone 7 as well. The wireless charging allows the users to use their phone and walk around the house without needing to plug or unplug the cable. When the iPad Pro gives this experience to the Apple’s users, you can imagine what will happen to iPhone 7 users.

As seen on Daily Mail, there is possibility that the iPhone 7 will be waterproof. Well, it is a fairly logical assumption since Apple has made several attempts to make their devices resistant to liquids. The proof is that iPhone 6s was designed to be much more liquids-resistants than its
Previous versions. But thing to be noted here is iPhone 6s is water-resistant, not waterproof. Will iPhone 7 be waterproof? It is a tough question.

The software

Now let’s talk about the apps. iPhone 7 will bring iOS 10. But that is not it. Some notable mentions are Siri’s new version, Apple Music improvement, new messaging app, and you can even remove factory’s apps. They are just the openers, there are tons of interesting features and you will be able to discover a lot more when the date is closer. iPhone 7 is reportedly to reveal in September.

Speaking of iphone 7 prices, we’ve collected most accurate information:

Country Tentative price of iPhone 7 (16 GB/32 GB)
United States $800-$900
United Kingdom £500- £550
Australia A$ 1100-A$1200
Canada C$ 1050- C$1200