How to install drivers for the Apple USB Ethernet adapter on Windows


When laptops get thinner and thinner for every new generation less ports physically fit on the machines. That’s why adapters is starting to become a standard companion in the bag. But they won’t always work right out of the box if. I have written a guide on how to install the drivers for the Apple USB Ethernet Adapter on a Windows machine. Read on!

This method will work both on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

  1. Download the latest version of Boot Camp Support Software from Apple, they contain the necessary drivers. You can find it here. (Around 260 MB)
  2. Open the ZIP-file and browse to BootCamp\Drivers\Asix
  3. Run the file AsixSetup64.exe and go through the installation choosing the default options.
  4. You are now done! Connect the USB Ethernet dongle and enjoy!