Nokia Lumia 929 – A peak onto what is to come



Nokia Lumia 929 is getting ripe for the market in a few weeks time.  It is going to be first tablet Verizon will set into the market.  It is a great piece and from the look of it, will definitely be a force to reckon with.  The first pictures that leaked into the market indicate that it comes with the following specifications:-

–        Pure view camera with 20MP

–        5” in size

–        A display of 1080P just to name a few

This has been considered by the eagerly waiting customers to be the right size.  The leaked versions are in black and white, slim and sleek nothing could have come better.

Lastly, it has been confirmed that this is a Windows Phone is custom built by Verizon making it quite special.  It is worth waiting for as it is already sending ripples amongst customers to be.