A cell phone with more common sense than a human being – texting while moving is dangerous




If you are thinking you are reading a script from a movie.  Please think again.  Technology is getting better with each single day.  The number of people who have been maimed, killed and or hurt is increasingly large.  DoCoMo is giving phone users the incredible chance to choose whether they want to continue texting or moving.

The Japanese phone maker has brought it a little notch higher by introducing into the market a phone that will literally not allow you do both. The safety mode apps have been fixed in a way that detects when you are on the move while at the same time texting. This is a great relief to the increasingly large number of phone users.

If you think that a phone is just an apparatus you can you as you wish, then things are taking a different take. DoCoMo wants you through their amazing product to choose life and be able to live longer. Do not allow phones to control you.

Interestingly, the phone warns you as you move that it is dangerous to use your phone while on the move and safety mode locks your phone until when you are able to station yourself into one place. Thanks to DoCoMo Android phone makers.