Samsung Galaxy S5 is with a 5.3-inch display metallic frame: Sources revealed!





There have been a lot of talks about the Samsung’s new device Samsung Galaxy S5. Now adding to that are few images showing that the device will have a metallic body and these pictures have been taken from the sub-contractor that the South Korean company has chosen to make this part for the Samsung Galaxy S5.

This leak doesn’t contain a lot of information about the device, but clearly shows that this device will be bigger than the Samsung Galaxy S4.

The frame is almost 5.66 inches in height and 2.88 inches in width. Moreover, if we compare it with the other devices; it seems to be a 5.3 inch display for the new device.

There are some changes one can observe and one of the prominent one is the placement of camera. It’s on the side now, contrary to other Samsung phones that have a camera in the middle. Moreover, the USB port is not that big. There is no surety that these leaked pictures are of the upcoming device Samsung Galaxy S5, but still it created a lot of excitement among the people regarding the looks of the new device.

Some other features including the camera and Ram is also revealed as far as Samsung Galaxy S5 is concerned and only time with tell that whether it’s true or not!