It’s the cute overload all the way: Line messaging app hits 300 million users across the globe!



It’s all these cute characters that are making the big news. The world loves the kawaii cute characters and the stats justified it by all means.

The dizzying ascent Japanese funny messaging Line app has marked another feat by getting up to 300 million registrations across the globe.  The app contains some cute cartoons and has surpassed this milestone recently.

Line App is currently competing with a famous App named as WhatsApp and WeChat, where both of them are claiming 350 million and 300 million users respectively.

The CEO said that we are aiming to about 500 million users till 2014, as people love this app and they are downloading it in numbers.

The Line App offers free communication, games and various tools along with some cute cartoon characters to express the emotions, which makes it really special.

Besides from the normal characters, users can pay $2 to buy some special characters in order to say out their emotions.

So, all in all this Line App is startling and is taking people by surprise. It will touch 500 million users in 2014 or not, only time will tell.