Jolla pre-booking customers will soon be able to purchase their device


Jolla Phone

There is happening a lot around Jolla and Sailfish OS now. Just a couple of minutes ago the people who pre-booked the Jolla phone got an email with more information. Read more after the break.

We who pre-ordered will soon be able to complete the purchase of our Jolla device. And it will be delivered during December! Happy times is waiting for all of us! =)

You can read the full mail here:

We are pleased to inform all our Jolla pre-booking customers that you will soon receive instructions on how to complete your order via our webshop. Upon completing your order, you will receive more information about shipping and delivery.

Starting from 22 November 2013, invitations will be sent to enter the webshop where you can complete the purchase of your Jolla. Invitations will be sent according to priority order to all pre-booking customers from the EU, Norway and Switzerland. No separate priority number will be sent, seeing as the order ID (order number) determines the priority of your order.

In order to secure your priority delivery during December, please make sure you have completed your purchase by 2 December, 2013. Delivery times after this date cannot be guaranteed or will vary. Please note that your pre-booking is still valid until 30 June, 2014.
Should you have any questions regarding you pre-booking, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Best regards,


I will post videos and articles about the device when I get my hands on it!