Jolla and Marc Dillon at Slush 2013 – Video


Jolla Slush 2013

Marc Dillon from Jolla made another appearance on the Slush event in Helsinki this year. Last year they unveiled the Sailfish OS at the Slush event. And this year there is even more good news from them. And the video of his appearance is now available on Youtube. Check out his speech and an interview after the break!

The biggest news is that the first Jolla phone will be sold in a DNA store in Helsinki, Finland the 27 of November. Invitations to the first 500 who pre-ordered the phone will be sent out soon, and they will be able to come to Helsinki and get their own device! So we will soon see the device in action all over the Internet!

Here is the main keynote held by Marc Dillon:

Here is an interview with him: