Nokia Asha 501 finally gets an update: It’s whatsApp and more!





Nokia has finally released an update for the famous Nokia Asha 501. The thing that has taken everyone by surprise is the addition of instant messaging and apps like WhatsApp and others.


Nokia confirmed this update through their official blog post. The features that are added in Nokia Asha 501 have already been revealed by the company and it was done when Nokia 502 and Nokia 503 were revealed. There are some notable features that one can observe including the instant access to camera app by just a swipe on the screen. Moreover, you can capture images by touching anywhere on the camera screen.

There are some improved privacy features on the locked screen allowing the user to see the notification icon or full notification details. In addition to this the software has now bring API and VoIP, which allows the user to make calls over a data connection use a third party app. This is really amazing and looks a new feature in the tech arena.

The Nokia Asha 501 also supports Microsoft exchange ActiveSync for the update, which makes it up to date all the time.

A lot of new features will be introduced with the passage of time and this looks a bright start to it. We all should wait in anticipation and let’s see what’s next?