Samsung next Galaxy phone with three-sided wrap around display: let’s explore!


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It’s technology at it best when you see innovations like this, where Samsung’s next Galaxy phone will have three-sided wrap around display that extends the screen past its bezels onto both the sides.

Having a three-sided display makes Samsung’s new smart phone a new and startling innovation in the tech world and with such a display it can show messages, stocks and other stuff on either sides.

It is regarded as the extension to Youm flexible display tech seen in the Galaxy Round phone, which was unveiled last month.

This three-sided display will be applied to Note or an S phone, or on the other side it can start a new series of Samsung’s phones.

Samsung is always facing a competitor in shape of Apple and an innovation being made should be better than your competitor. There is no exact date for the launch of this device but it may be revealed later in 2014.

LG is also working in parallel with Samsung on flexible displays and moreover developing flexible batteries. It time for both the companies to work at their best as this new multi sided display innovation will definitely hit the market by surprise.

Samsung is working on this amazing device and soon you will see the amazing three-sided display phone working and giving amazing results. It’s more features are yet to be explored and will get revealed with the passage of time. People will be definitely waiting for such a phone that can offer wide range of multi displays.

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