Let’s explore the startling features of HTC one max



Phablet was not in the picture some years back as people can’t even imagine smartphones that can give tablet like experience. With the passage of time and the advancements in the technology masses are now getting phones that give tablet like experience and features; so the border line is getting thinker as we progress.

HTC is now also joining the venture and its latest phone HTC one max will be giving tablet like experience and features to the users. If we look at the features it offers a 4MP camera with a metallic body and 5.9 inch touch screen. To top it up it also contains a fingerprint scanner and slot for microSD cards.

Whether it can create an impact or not, time will tell but with the following features it can surely attract the masses and the people who are technology savvy.

• Wall charger.
• Micro USB cable.
• Extra headphone tips.
• Quick start guide.

The design is exotic and it gives a look of a small tablet rather than the smartphone. The size is big so you have to handle this huge phone with care. The looks are amazing and if we compare it with the other rival phones; it is still quite better.

There are certain changes in this phone that needs to be highlighted and starting it with the extra storage space it provides with a microSD card slot available.

There is a power flip case that is HTC’s own inventory provides a rechargeable battery, which makes HTC One max super reliable.

HTC One max contains features with which you can easily control the TV’s, home entertainment systems along with other gadgets.

So, HTC One max is an amazing handset that can take you by surprise. Do try it and with all these features; you will surely have an amazing experience.