Apple unlocks Mac on your Iphone: Let’s find out more about it!



A new and startling app is launched recently that uses the low energy Bluetooth technology so that you can skip over the complete password process on Mac and it simply knock the back of your Iphone.

The manufacturer of this app wants to make the whole process very brisk and easy while you are getting into your computer. While using the app it let’s your Iphone to communicate with your Mac through a significant range and then this App give 2 knocks on your phone and let the user bypass the Mac password screen by using a security tool.

This App works on selected computers and worth’s $3.99. It’s a highly efficient App and allows you to easily enter your computer.

For this App to be working it needs to run in the background of your Iphone all the time but your phone doesn’t need to be unlocked while the process in going on. It’s an amazing App and work is going on in order to improve its security and other features as well. The App is user-friendly and the functionality is smooth.

It works bypassing the passwords and people easily get to their computers. The manufactures have made it clear that this App is designed so that you don’t have to type your password again and again and it works over a significant distance.

So, if you have an Iphone and a Mac and you are fed up of typing passwords download this App now and simply avoid the passwords. You can see the video in order to understand how it works and what is it all about?