Windows Phone near a 10% market share in Europe



Windows Phone is increasing its market share in Europe fast, and in some countries it is closing in on the iPhone. Read more after the break.

Kantar World Panel investigated mobile phone sales during June, July and August 2013 in some countries around the world. Android is dominant in the five biggest countries in western Europe, but Windows Phone’s market share for smartphones have increased to 9.2%. In Germany 8.8% of sold smartphones had Windows Phone as its operating system, which is just one percent less than iPhone. In United Kingdom the market share for Windows Phone was 12%.

According to Kantar World Panel it is especially the cheaper Lumia 520 and 620 that helped Windows Phone increase its market share. Nokia’s brand name is also strong in that region which may have helped.  It will be interesting to see if the growth will continue when Microsoft replaces Nokia with its own brand name.

Windows phone still struggles in the US with a market share of 3%, and there was also a slight drop in China with a market share of 2%.

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