Nokia and Lytro Camera Technology: Another Nokia Effort


Nokia Lytro Pelican Camera Array

No matter which smartphone platform is your favourite, there must be a little space left in your heart for Nokia, the mobile manufacturer that you just can’t hate. Back before smartphones hit the market like a stampede, Nokia was making quality phones that went well with the general public for their user friendliness. Now of course things aren’t so simple.

Nokia is attempting to produce smartphones, and that too those with the help of the Windows 8 platform, and is facing tough competition when it comes to other manufacturers sporting platforms like Windows and of course the exclusive iOS of Apple.

Nokia has launched various series, some with gimmicks and some with quality mobile specimens if one is to be fair. Their unyielding support for Windows Phone platform also spells out that they are generally safe from problems like malware though Nokia spy isn’t as rare as one might think it to be. However, their lack of apps as compared to other giants (even though Nokia’s own signature apps are pretty fantastic) has left Nokia pulling out all the big guns where their sets are concerned to attract the market. Some of us will remember the set not to be named that had a 41 megapixel camera… and speaking of, here comes another set with a camera that speaks louder than ever. Or so we can speculate. But if Bloomberg’s word is anything to go by then Nokia is definitely planning on putting some money on a California based startup that will give them Lytro-style camera technology. In other words, a Lytro style camera which is super slim and can be incorporated into a camera.

Shoot first focus laterPelican Imaging is supposedly to be the entity to bring about this revelation to Nokia. The company is known for its complex sensor array that allows users to auto adjust the focus of an image even after it has been captured. Since its run by an algorithm it doesn’t need an extra lens and hence can fit neatly into a smartphone. Of course the results are far greater this way rather than simply having only the Lytro software technology at hand.

Of course, the 808 PureView (ok, so the name had to come out) was supposed to more camera than mobile- -and also a success. Then Lumia 920 had image stabilization which was supposed to be another big deal and perhaps a milestone for the manufacturers. The logical rumours which followed these two events was that the next Lumia handset would have a PureView camera.

Well though that hasn’t happened yet, this Lytro-technology is supposed to be pretty big news too. Of course, it does sound interesting and after having the app world hijack ‘innovation’ this could be a real highlight for mobile camera lovers. On the other hand, it could also fail to make a dent in any one’s pockets and end up being admired from afar only. Admittedly, only Nokia could make it work, with its credibility as well as creativity but how it fairs is pretty murky. Only time will tell.

Author Bio: Jessica is a writer for MobiStealth and loves to write about changes and happenings in smartphone technology. She can be contacted @jcarol429.