Nokia teases upcoming Lumia EOS with “41 million reasons” post



We have heard quite a bit of rumors about the upcoming Lumia EOS with 41 Megapixels. Now Nokia have posted the picture above on their official blog.

Lets see what Nokia announces. But according to the rumours out there, the Lumia EOS will contain the following:

  • 41 MP camera with Xenon flash
  • Nokia Pro Camera
  • 32GB of internal storage
  • OLED screen at 768 x 1280
  • WP8 v 8.0.10322.71
  • FM Radio
  • Flip to silence
  • Polycarbonate body
  • Takes 35 MP picture and a 5 MP at the same time. The 5 MP version is meant for quickly sharing on social networks.
  • Comes in yellow
  • No SD card
  • No visible OS changes