The HTC One ‘Google Edition’ is official!



There have been quite a few rumours about it during the last few weeks, and now it’s finally official, the Google version of  the HTC One is finaly official. That means one more phone with Stock Vanilla Android!

Android boss Sundar Pichai revealed the news on-stage at the D11 conference, saying it runs the same core UI as Nexus devices. The ‘Google Edition’ HTC One, he says, will hit Google Play on June 26, priced at $599. Pichai also mentioned that the Nexus line will continue alongside these ‘Google Edition’ handsets.

Google’s Hugo Barra has followed up with an official render, and says the HTC One with Nexus User Experience will come with Beats Audio. HTC’s official statement on the device confirms the launch date, and the fact that it ships with Android 4.2.2 and will get updates straight from Google.

I wonder what that will mean for the sales of the One. I think that it will increase the total sales, which i think is good. We need more strong Android manufacturers in addition to Samsung. Moreover, I think that the ONE with Vanilla Android will sell more than the Vanilla Android version of the S4. Who would have bought a Samsung if it wouldn’t been for the software features? I rather go for a HTC One due to the solid build quality. That was my two cents. Only time will tell the outcome.