Operating System Wars – Android


An operating system is based on Linux. We know that the Linux based operating system is the most secured for using and has no affects of virus attribution. Android is a touch screen based operating system. It was developed by Android Inc.,  and financial support was Google. Android is financially developed by Google initially and the technical support was Android Inc,.

Use of Android operating system is huge. In case of mobility the only name that enables you to carry your phone with ease and without any technical error is Android.

AndroidThe development of Android was in 2005 and exposed for Handset use in 2007. An association of Open Handset Alliance was made to reveal the Android into our phones.

The standards of Android just paced up considering its use in hardware, software, telecommuting and in networking based companies. This is now an open source just like Linux. Open source denotes its public use and development for personal use.

Under Apache License this operating system is premised to be used by the manufacturer companies, wireless carriers and other companies to distribute and utilize freely with modification.

Android is based on Java Programming language. Any developer who has Java programming skills is able to develop Android. This makes the community of developing Android bigger. This pace up the useable functionality of phone, tablet pc or hardware device.

Android phones, Tablets are getting popularity for the increasing number of free apps available developed by many programmers. From a statistics it has been seen that 2012 of October Android apps were approximately by 700,000. Now, Android apps store has over 25 billion apps in store.

The revolution of smart phones made Android most popular. It is now the most widely used operating system for smart phones. Android now supports the largest application use in the system. These are generally categorized by Utility to Entertainment.

Before Android operating system the most popular type of mobile operating system was Symbian. It has been overtaken by Android now. In these days some television, digital cameras and also the gaming consoles are using Android support.

The due process of Android has encountered the 75% of the smart phone market. Operating system based on smart phones made the technological companies at against. It should be called smart phone wars.

Over 1.5 million Android phones are activated daily. Android phones are operated by direct manipulation of touch. It is consist of the Kernel base of Linux OS.