Posting photos to instagram finally possible on Windows Phone?


Instagraph Windows Phone

One of the most anticipated apps for Windows Phone is definitly Instagram. There are a couple of Instagram viewer already, but no way to upload your photos. But that could be about to change. Reade more after the break!

There are reports of an app called Instagraph which can do just that, upload photos to your Instagram account! The app should be available in the Windows Phone store soon.

It is the guys that gave us apps like Turbo Camera and Security Toolkit that made this happen. They have been quite clever with this one. This is how WP Central explains it:

Instead what seems to be going on here (from our analysis and hints from the developer) is an Azure server-relay method whereby your post goes through their servers to Instagram.  It’s a hack to be sure and far from ideal, but unlike the unofficial Pandora app situation on Windows Phone, this method can’t be suddenly “turned off” by Instagram by changing the API.

Take a look at the video demonstration here: