Nokia Lumia’s Touch Screen and Gloves… Winter Was Never so Warm + MORE

HTC M7 parts shown on video, point to a 4.7-inch screen The still HTC M7 Android smartphone is once again the star of the Rumorland show. This time the back and front panels of the smartphonewere shown in front of Etrade Supply's camera and posted on YouTube.

From the video we can gather that the HTC M7, touted as the One X successor, will drop the curved design in favor of a more angular one with flat edges and back…

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Nokia Lumia’s Touch Screen and Gloves… Winter Was Never so Warm
As I was going out to my car the other morning in the cold, cold dead of winter, (by cold I mean -16C) I noticed a ton of people with a glove on one hand and none on the other. Why would you go glove-less in such weather? To check your phone of course! Me on the other hand had both gloves on. Don’t get me wrong I was also checking my phone it’s just that I have Nokia Lumia 820 with it’s super sensitive touch screen…

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Pantech Vega No 6 goes official in South Korea Pantech has unveiled yet another excitingly sounding smartphone from the Vega lineup. Unfortunately, just like most of its siblings the Vega No 6 as the new device is called will remain exclusive to South Korea. It packs a 5.9-inch 1080p display and is powered by a quad-core 1.5GHz Krait processor.

The Pantech Vega No 6 also offers 2GB or RAM and generous 32GB internal storage, which can be…

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Android Tutorial: Run Chrome Beta in full screen mode
Google recently updated its Chrome Beta app for Android with ability to enable WebGL. But that’s not all, there is also a hidden feature that allows you to browse the web in full screen.
Check the video tutorial after the break.

To enable the full screen mode in Chrome Beta follow this simple steps:

Open up Chrome Beta
Type chrome://flags/ in the address bar
Scroll down until you see “Enable WebGL” and click on it to activate
Navigate to the “Boids and Buildings”and click on “Launch Experiment”
Close all tabs, and relaunch Chrome Beta

To activate the full screen mode you need Android 4…

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Samsung readying a 1080p smartphone for AT&T The SGH-I337 has been spotted on a Samsung UAProf, which indicates that an upcoming device for AT&T belongs in the fullHD-display realm, and could very well be the the next Samsung flagship, the Galaxy S IV.

This years' CES saw a notable absence of smartphone announcements from Samsung…

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HTC M7 front and back housing leaked on video
The M7 is going to be next HTC Android flagship. There are a lot of rumors and leaks lately including specs and renders. Today we have a video that shows the back and the front plate of the upcoming HTC M7.
Check the video after the break.

The HTC M7 is rumored to feature a 4…

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