According to Nokia WP 7.8 Update for Lumia’s “Imminent” + MORE

According to Nokia WP 7.8 Update for Lumia’s “Imminent”
It seems that Nokia is ready and willing to roll out the Windows Phone 7.8 update to all their devices but they are waiting on Microsoft at the moment.

This is according to a site called Nokia has told them:
…the roll out of 7.8 to existing devices remains in Microsoft’s hands, though the firm’s Windows Phone 7 currently shipping to retail – such as the Lumia 800 – have the update pre-loaded…

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Samsung Galaxy S II JB update detailed, coming very soon Samsung has kept its promise from last year and has now revealed details regarding the Galaxy S II Jelly Bean update.

In addition to the enhanced performance that Project Butter in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean will provide, the update will also bring features from the Galaxy S III such as Smart Stay, Pop-up Play and Pause while recording video…

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