Samsung ATIV S Reviewed by Pocket Now: Worth the Wait? + MORE

AT&T adds 6 new cities to its 4G LTE network
AT&T just expanded its 4G LTE network to 6 new cities.

The carrier expanded its LTE coverage to the following cities:

Lancaster, Pa.
Ogden, Utah
Hartford, Conn.
Bowling Green, Ky.
Lexington, Ky.
Boise, Idaho

AT&T 4G service covers more than 100 markets but is way back behind Verizon’s LTE network that is already available in 470 markets…

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The BlackBerry 10 leaks just keep on comin’. Just a day after a leaked image suggested that the official name of the BlackBerry 10 L-Series smartphone might be “BlackBerry Z10,” a newly-leaked shot posted by NerdBerry claims to show some entries for the BlackBerry Z10 inside the Carphone Warehouse inventory system…

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Samsung ATIV S Reviewed by Pocket Now: Worth the Wait?
Samsung was first to the Windows Phone 8 game unveiling the Samsung Ativ S before anyone else let us look at their Windows Phone 8 devices. Yet when it came to releasing it they were a month behind. So the question is now that it is out is it worth the wait? While I haven’t personally been able to get my hands on one (not yet anyway) to test Pocket Now did lets see what they thought…

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Call me crazy, but I think that a phone has a price ceiling. For someone like me, who spends the majority of extra funds on pieces of technology, I know that the more advanced piece of technology is usually going to come together with a higher price tag. However, “special edition” devices are always an easy way for a company, or usually a few companies, to eke out more money for a device…

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Today’s Wallpapers 21/12/2012


Today’s Wallpapers 21/12/2012
Check out today’s featured mobile wallpapers!  You can download these wallpapers for your favourite device in our wallpaper gallery and customize your mobile to suit your unique personality.  We are always updating our wallpaper galleries with the freshest content.  You can find the very latest wallpapers in the sidebar, so make sure to check that out every time you visit us!

Today’s 360×640 Wallpapers
You can download today’s 360×640 Wallpapers from our 360×640 Wallpaper gallery…

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