SLUSH Event: Official Jolla Schedule


November 21st is the day we all have been waiting for! Jolla will have a keynote speech and launch their Sailfish OS on the Slush event. We now have the schedule so you know when everything is happening!

November 21st:

09:00 – Jolla will participate in the Slush media event (Q&A’s)  (GMT: 07:00)

11:15Jolla Keynote Speech (GMT: 09:15)

17:00-18:00Sailfish UI demo presentation (GMT: 15:00-16:00)

November 22nd:

10:00-11:00SDK demo presentation (GMT: 08:00-09:00)

Please note that all bold times quoted are in local Finnish time.

The event will also be available to be viewed via a live stream. We will post a link when it is avaliable.