A Short Description of Jolla Sailfish Strategy


The guys over at Jolla Tides have explained the Jolla Sailfish strategy in a simple and good way. Here is a quote from their article:

PHASE 1:  Finish developing their own Sailfish Operating System (SOS) for Smartphones and show it off to the world on 21/22 November at the SLUSH event in Helsinki, Finland.

PHASE 2: Develop their own Jolla branded smartphone as a starting point for the Sailfish OS and sell it with both new developers/developer community and regular customers in mind.

PHASE 3: From the success of the SLUSH event and more evidence showing off their own smartphone running Sailfish, Jolla will attract other mobile handset manufacturers to license the Sailfish OS (in Q1 2013) and incorporate the Sailfish OS into their own branded mobile phones (e.g. Nokia, Sony etc).  This is the ongoing software service side of Jolla’s business.

ONGOING: Provide software support and updates for the Sailfish OS to all smartphones running the Sailfish OS.  Run and maintain their own Sailfish app store for further revenue stream and for developers/developer community to benefit.  Continue to release Jolla branded flagship models e.g. annually.

Head over to http://jollatides.com and read the full article. Click here.