Will Jolla launch a phone very soon?

The user inteface of the original version of MeeGo

ZDNet has done another interview with Jolla CEO Jussi Hurmola. We can find a few interesting things there. First is that they are expanding fast. They were interviewing 38 potential hires and plans to have 100 Finnish staff by the end of 2012. They are also going to open an office in China.

Another great part is that the user interface is ready to roll according to Jussi Hurmola. Will we see a launch soon?

The user interface (UI) for its Jolla device is ready to roll, according to Hurmola: “Our UI is ready now, we haven’t released it yet, we will save it for the product┬álaunch and the platform is getting up now so the project looks pretty nice.”

They won’t reveal the release date yet, but we will hopefully see a launch soon.

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