Massive leaks of Moto X


Motorola Moto X by Google

The long awaited phone from Motorola rumored to be called Moto X seems to be not that far away. This is the first phone since Google bought Motorola. Now there surfaced lots of pictures and a video of the new phone from Motorola. Check it out after the break!

First, there are photos of Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google, using the phone. He doesn’t even try to hide it =)

07/11/2013 Sun Valley Allen and Company Conference 07/11/2013 Sun Valley Allen and Company Conference

The second recent leak is an official video from Google where they show off features as voice commands, new notification system (Active Updates) and camera gestures.

Motorola Moto X is expected to be officially released at the end of August.


    Looks really nice! But I think that the hype will kill this phone. Everyone seems to think that it will change the world, and when it’s no people will loose interest…